Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Been Time Travelling

Excuse me for not having got in gear and blogged yesterday, I think I must have still been recovering from my time travel which I undertook at the weekend. Not a normal occurrence even here in Land Cuckoo, where most things are possible!
So we went back to 1649 to the unrest of the English Civil Wars as it may have been over at Wimpole Hall.

The blacksmith was busy making his tools and swords.

And there was a steaming pot of something lovely cooking over the open fire.

The chap with the ladle was the chef and I am pretty certain I saw him go off to battle weilding the very same ladle!

In the grounds of the Hall this is when it all 'kicked off' so to speak. These men are not happy about the high fines and low wages, not to mention the fact that their village has already been demolished and re-located by the owner of the house Thomas Chicheley, a staunch Royalist, so that he could have a nicer view from his windows!
So they up sticks (well I think these are called pikes) and formed a group called the Levellers (not to be confused with the band of the same name and whose tunes I was humming the whole time there!)

Then round a corner and look what I spotted.......

A fabric shop!! Would you belive it? Hubby just shook his head and wandered off to battle!

After all the excitement was over and the good people had won their cause (I have to assume that this is the case - I'm not the best at keeping up with plot lines and I studied geography at school instead of history) the cannons were fired to demonstrate just how noisy it would have been in battle, not to mention highly dangerous and frightfully confusing!

Right at the end of the day we ran into the Hall itself to have a look around inside. We were the last people in and had the rare treat of being able to walk around without anyone else being in the room as us, except for the staff. Even better was the fact that as we were in the grand dining room the soldiers trooped the colour past the house. So there we were, it was just like trooping the colour but this time we were the royalty, or at least that is what I decided to be for a minute or two!

Soon changed my mind though - the peasants were revolting! Bit scary seeing all those come at you with their weapons charged.

Fortunately it all ended quite happily with a little photo call and we were saved!

The historical content of this blog will not be accurate, even if I really did travel back in time, it was very confusing with lots going on, I cannot possibly be responsible for getting it all right!

Back to today and I have work to do, blue sky and sunshine and washing to be done!

Take care all, Sarah x


  1. Welcome back to the 21st century. Looks like you had a brilliant time, I would have quite like to have been one of the 'revolting peasants'

    Sue xx

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Fancy there being a fabric shop there. Was it medieval fabrics? I love your photos, it was almost like being there.


  3. Hi Sarah,

    That looks like a fab day out!

    Rose XXX


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