Sunday, 14 June 2009

More balls please

Saturday is market day in Biggleswade and yesterday Hubby, George and I popped over to get our fruit and veggies. Before we went to the market we stopped off at Biggleswade Common so George could have a run around with the ball and we could have a lovely walk by the river.

This is the River Ivel, looking towards Biggleswade, which runs along the common. If you turned about and walked with it on your left then you would reach Sandy. It is part of the Kingfisher Way which runs from Baldock to Tempsford. I have seen a flash of the blue of a kingfisher along here before but we didn't see any yesterday.
George, however did lose his ball again! Well to be precise it was a different ball - a tennis one so that it would float in the river, you can just see it in the centre of the picture by the ripples floating away! However, it landed just a whisker out of his reach and he was not inclined to go and fetch it if it meant his feet had to leave the bottom of the river.
It's still out there, floating along the river bank, although by this point it was the far bank of the river which meant there was no chance that George would be getting it back.

All we could hope for was that the current would bring it back to our side of the river in a place that we could see and George could reach whilst maintaining full body (well four paws) contact with the bottom of the river. No such luck unfortunately so thats 2 balls in 2 days now, gone!

By the time we were heading back to the car, the cows had marched over to the gate. Note how they are all congregated at the end of the path right where you have to go to get off the common!

This lot seemed much more friendly than the ones in the Cow Field here at the top of the lane! Although I admit to being the other side of the kissing gate by the time I took this picture!

Have a lovely rest of the weekend everyone, take care

Sarah x


  1. Lovely pictures, I hope you've had a lovely weekend.

    Sue xx

  2. beautiful pictures, look like you had a great day out :-)

    Rose X

  3. They are not lost at all Sal! (Balls that hope in ever finding the marbles!)
    We keep FINDING balls in our garden! not sure how they get there, we have no dog and don't play tennis! Maybe there is a Gateway from my world to your world at Landcuckoo where the balls come through...I need to investigate.
    luv Lynne X


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