Monday, 22 June 2009

I WILL get my cup of tea!

Morning all! Well not anymore, Aftenoon!

How did it get to nearly half past 12?

Oh yes, I am easily distracted aren't I! Still waiting for me to make myself a cup of tea! I have about 10 jobs on the go at the same time today and right now my tummy is rumbling and I am aware that the washing machine has finished so need to add that to the list.........

Why don't you make yourselves a cuppa now and have a sit down and a good read of this blog, not mine but this one - Cow Island

I would put a picture on here of it to give you a taster but don't know how that works as they have all been drawn by the Big Pencil in the Sky and I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of it - I may get erased as I imagine that a big pencil would have a big eraser on the other end.

So now I have set you all off to go and sit and read for a while I am going to go off and try to get this cup of tea made and finish off all these jobs!

Take care all
Til tomorrow
Sarah x

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  1. lol, ive just chucked the cup of tea ive been waiting for all day all over my clean folded washing... sometimes you just have days like that don't you!

    I also don't know how it is already nearly 2pm, and I havent finished reading yesterdays blogs, never mind todays!

    Then there's rewashing the now tea covered clothes (again!)... lol

    Hope you got your cuppa in the end :-)

    Rose XXX


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