Saturday, 6 June 2009

Apples and Pears

Tomorrow I am off to Darnalls Hall Farm in Weston as part of the Open Farm Sunday events which are going on across the country.

I've got the fruit ready for juicing, the lemonade is steeping (brewing, maturing or getting itself ready!) as I write to be ready for tomorrow.

The baking is done, we have Rocky Road slice

Mocca chocolate cookies, gingerbread, shortbread and hazelnut caramel slice.
Now all we need are the people to come to the farm and see what it is all about! I'm looking forward to it myself, and whatever the weather decides to throw at us I know we will have a great barbeque because it is a beef cattle farm and their meat is delicious!
More about this tomorrow no doubt, have a great weekend everyone, take care
Sarah x


  1. Oooh....those biscuits look yummy, and a glass of homemade lemonade to wash them down would be such a treat.

    Hope you have a brilliant day tomorrow, and I hope the sun shines for you. Our village fete had to re-locate to the village hall due to rain, rain and a bit more rain!! Still a good time was had by all.

    Sue xx

  2. Ooohh yum Sarah, they look delightful! Will they survive a trip to Australia!

  3. I know Sunday is over Sarah and we would have loved to have come if we had read this earlier. Where are you? Maybe next time.



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