Thursday, 4 June 2009

Wash day

Crisis averted.

Well it didn't get to being a crisis, that is just a little melodramatic on my part.

Missy has re-appeared safe and well, not that she was gone for long, an hour at most, but she vanished at the end of a rather long string of unusual events and misshaps and I was at the point of opening up the washing machine by force during its fast spin cycle as it was the only place left that I thought she could possibly be. Fortunately not the case and she is now all collared up and out in the sunshine.

Thank you Sue at Our New Life in the Country for my second award! What a surprise - 2 in one week, thank you.
I'd like to nominate a few of you to pass this onto.

Sumea at Skipping in the Meadow

Gill at That British Woman

Maisy at Miss Maisy's chatter

Melanie at Feltmeup Designs

I'm off to hand out the washing and only the washing, no cat to peg out too fortunately!

Take care all, Sarah x

1 comment:

  1. Thank goodness she wasn't in the washer!! I bet you had a heart stopping moment there.

    Glad she's safe and well.

    The award is well deserved you do have 'A Lovely Blog'.

    Sue xx


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