Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Which do I choose?

Not being one to pass up an opportunity to get something for free I now have to decide which box of cereal I would like!

Well clearly, in order to keep a good healthy constitution I should be choosing something from the 3rd row, but I am drawn to rows 2 (chocolate) and 4 (lots of nuts and honey), so much more appealing to have a giant sugar hit first thing with a good cuppa don't you think?

Had a little wander around the garden this morning to check up on the progress of those things that are growing under thier own steam - I cannot take any credit for the garden this year, it has been fairly well left to its own devices.

Apart from a few herbs that I potted up away from the chickens reach! Dug out my old singer sewing machine potting table which lost its old concrete slab of a top when Hubby was looking for slabs to go under the workshop! So now I am left with an old off cut of kitchen worktop which may last the year before it falls apart where the rain has got in!

We inherited this rose bush with the house and it flowers beautifully every year, so many buds of blooms yet to come. I had hoped to cut some to bring indoors but every stem had so many buds at different stages of growth I didn't want to interrupt it! Not to mention the fact that it is lethal, never known so many thorns!

You can guarantee that this lot will find something of interest at the back of the flower bed! Have learnt now that the best way to garden with the chickens is to keep them out of delicate areas but once the plants are established then let them back and they will help keep the weeds down with all their scratching.

This is one of our new apple trees of which I am very proud. Mum and Dad gave them to us last year, we have one for eaters and one for cookers. I am hoping that the fruits will remain just too high for the Chooks to reach as I can see them already eyeing them up as a tasty treat in a few weeks time!

Got to go and tidy up now, house does look like a small whirlwind has passed through it!

Take care all, til tomorrow

Sarah x


  1. I just love your potting table. One idea for a permanent top might be an old exterior door that someone doesn't want, maybe on freecycle. Just a thought.


  2. oooh...go for the nuts and honey, I would!!

    Sue xx


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