Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Also in Clovelly

I've just seen a beautiful picture of Clovelly in Devon over at Sal's blog and had to share it with you.

We visited Clovelly both last year and this year when we were holidaying down in Devon. My pictures are not quite the same as Sal's beautiful postcard owing to the fact that it was tipping it down when we went last year - in July!

We still insisted on having an ice cream at the bottom of the hill by the harbour!

The donkeys were at the top of the hill as they are not used for transporting goods up and down the cobbled streets any more.
This year when we visited it was still a little overcast and did try to rain on us a bit but we are hardened to it now and were ready for what ever it wanted to throw at us!
You can just see the sleds in this picture, propped up against the wall on the right which is what is used now instead of the donkeys, oh and the landrover which drives to the bottom of the hill to takes weary folk back up again, but we did manage to get back up on Shank's pony.

Just one of the views you get when you round the corner between the houses.

I just love the narrow cobbled lanes with houses somehow shoehorned into spaces where you wouldn't think there was space.

The sun even came out long enough this year for us to jump under the waterfall across the beach!

Do go and have a look at Sal's blog, the picture postcard of Clovelly isn' t the only lovely thing on there!

Take care all, til tomorrow

Sarah x

Oh and by the way - the ball tally is now George - 2 lost, Sarah - 1 found , 1 lost. I threw it out the flingy stick this morning and it is now wedged in the hedgrow - will have to be very patient and wait until winter to even see where it is now!


  1. it looks lovely there!
    (even in the rain lol)

    Rose X

  2. Clovelly looks lovely, somewhere I think must go on my 'to go to' list. Whereabouts is it??
    Haha, geography was never a strong point!!

    Sue xx


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