Sunday, 15 March 2009

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

They go up tiddley up up, they go down tiddley um down!

Most probably not the correct words as I, to Hubby's ammusement, rarely know the actual words to a song so just make up my own!

Anyway, I just thought you may like to sing the song for the rest of the day seems as I have it fimly planted in my head going round and round and can hear nothing else!

But why? Well it truely is a beautiful day and whilst out on my walk this morning I was treated to the first aerobatic display of the year. We have a number of small airports near us and when it is a good day for flying (like I know what that is, it is just that on a beautiful day I am out there watching them fly!) the little aeroplanes are out there practicing their formation flying and loop the loops.

Today there were 4 planes in formation, no idea what types they were, I need an I Spy Aeroplanes book. Does anyone else remember those I Spy books? I used to have them, I could do with an I Spy Hedgerows and what the plants are, I Spy just the birds that I see and hear out on my walks as the RSPB book is a little too large to carry out across the fields and an I Spy Identify the Crop so I know what the tractors are working on in the fields! Either that or I need to find myself a knowledgeable local birdwatching flying farmer who has an interest in wild native plants!

Well I am still not over the fun of having doors so I'm off to find a pattern for a doorstop so that we can keep the lounge door slightly ajar for the cat. She is unable to open any door just a little to let herself in, she has to fling it wide open as if to announce the fact that she has arrived, which would not be so bad if she then stayed in the room, instead of which she then turns right around and leaves only to come back in 5 minutes later!

Take care all, til tomorrow

Sarah xx

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  1. I think Sunday must have been a day for flyers....spent most of it in the garden cutting back and getting it ready and we are not far from a small airport Shoreham in Sussex...there was plenty of activity going on. Enjoy your posts....Teresa


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