Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Pooh Sticks

OK so not a great topic of conversation really and I don't want to run the risk of sounding like a grumpy old woman so I wont trouble you with my thoughts whilst out walking this morning on the above mentioned subject! By the way I am talking of the Forestry Commission approved method of disposing of your dogs doings rather than the game invented by a slightly overweight bear who rather likes honey!

So a new fence is being put up today around a paddock that looks like it has been planted with grass. Will wait and see what appears there, maybe the sheep from the cow field? Although probably not as the cow field is only next door.
Looks like both George and I need to go shopping. He is running out of tennis balls and we can't find any of the solid rubber ones he likes, tennis balls just get worn out too quickly. Meanwhile I just keep my fingers crossed that we don't get too wet as my boots have two holes in each foot!
George took his first dip of the year in the stream this morning. He hasn't jumped in there since last year when, after a heavy rainfall he got rather a shock upon finding it was up to ears deep! At least the tennis balls float, there are 3 blue rubber balls buried in the mud at the bottom here as he doesn't understand that they sink if you let go of them which means you may have to put your nose under the water to retrieve them. You see retriver is not in his job description so no need to do that job!
And now for once I am not off on the hunt for food at the end of the blog! I am off to work, well maybe just a cuppa..........
Take care all
Sarah x

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