Tuesday, 24 March 2009

What I did yesterday

Yesterday my friend and I went here:

Which is the same place as here:

We spent a lot of time in here:

And did this:

We did NOT do any of this:

But more of this:

And this was very nice (he wasn't in there when we were!)

And a little of this:

I've never gone out to lunch in my dressing gown before, bit of a practiced art I think to not get your sleeves in the food!

We had the most wonderful relaxing time, a whole 9 hours of un-interrupted bliss.

Still in the relaxed zone now so going to drift off and do something somewhere..............

Take care all

Sarah x


  1. Ooooh.......how lovely.

    Sue xx

  2. OOHHH I could do with a little bit of that. Can I come next time?
    Bertie x

  3. oooh, looks fabulous! how jealous am i?! x


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