Sunday, 8 March 2009

Sheriffs and washing lines

What a glorious morning it is today. Pretty windy but even that isn't too cold. Makes me wish I had a washing line again, I'd go and find a load of washing to do just to get it out to dry! You see I keep losing the washing line, not through carelessness (I am forgetful but not that bad!) but due to us changing where we are putting things in the garden! First it was the hen house that we built and now we have planted apple trees in the way! Note to oneself - next garden job will be to sink another hole for the clothes line!

Found these daffodils out on my walk this morning, just like the snowdrops the other day these seem to have magically appeared along the side of the path through the woods.

There are a few branches of the trees that blown down through the woodland walk so I expect the path will move over the next few weeks back to where it was last year, which is the same reason it moved in the first place!

The new fence is coming along nicely, not finished yet so no clues as to what may be going to reside in the paddock yet. I've never seen such shiney new barbed wire though!

I met the High Sheriff of Bedford (not Nottingham as I was busy telling Hubby when I first got home! due to lack of food and tiredness you see!) yesterday, he seems a jolly nice gentleman. Do you think there would be a Low Sheriff? Maybe you have to work your way up from Low to Middle and then on to High? Maybe I should do a little research.......

Well I am off to go and get food again today - I'm not cooking it this time - we're off to Hubby's folks for lunch and I know that will be a feast!
Take care all, Sarah xx

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