Monday, 2 March 2009

Cycling makes you hungry

Went for another cycle around the world this morning, well it was definately Wales at one point I recognised the road markings! What am I talking about you are probably wondering -there is an excercise class at the gym in which you use those static excercise bikes and follow a route which is shown on the big screen. Some of it is computer simulated (I wish the burn in my legs was too) but other routes are taken from a camera which has been straped to a real cyclist and it is effectively what they see whilst they are cycling. Why don't I get out on a real bike then? Because following the courier cyclists through the London and New York streets is brilliant, peddling towards trucks and people and up the wrong way on the road and you wouldn't catch me doing that for real in a million years! Plus there is no danger of me falling off or hitting the kerb!

Then I had a lovely day with Maggie, lots of sewing and plenty of inspiration. Got a new project on the go now - a red, white and blue bag. Well it is not in the least bit like a bag yet but the plan is by the end of Thursday it will be well on its way.

Maggie has been very busy getting ready for the next quilting show at Chilford on the 13th - 15th March and she has some delightful fabrics and packages of goodies. These are some of her parcels of loveliness above and below.

The Sunflower Fabrics website has more of these and also some absolutely georgeous fabrics. Maggie is a genius at producing wonderful collections. The next one I am after will probably be this one called Brighton, just give me an ice cream, I am at the seaside!

OK thats all from me for today, got to go and see if there is anything to eat. Am thinking that is how I end my blog a lot of the time, I can always eat!

Take care all

Sarah x

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  1. Hi! I found you from Dream Acres and I'm so glad I did - you have a lovely blog with great pictures...and it strikes me as a great place to spend a few moments away from my drudgery!


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