Monday, 9 March 2009

Doors and chainsaws

Right, so I don't nag and I don't talk that much! Honest!

Sure Hubby would tell it differently but he is far too busy playing with his man toys, and he can't hear me now either!

Hopefully we will have a couple of doors and maybe a mantle shelf by the end of the day, all thanks to my lovely Brother-in-law. Doors that are on the right way around too - for some reason the doors in this house all seem to be hung from the wrong side of the frame. Ok so they are right for the light switches but they all open into the middle of the rooms instead of against a wall so it limits you as to where you can put your furniture, most odd but then we do think this house was built on a friday afternoon!

Look what I got from the supermarket - Missy in a bag! Her green credentials aren't very good - she only likes the plastic ones.

Take care all, til tomorrow x

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