Monday, 30 March 2009

Error number 720

Yes this is the amount of times I have been trying to get on line for the past week! Ha - do you think it is possible? Nope not at all. So I have run to a friends house and am quickly updating you as I wouldnt want you to think I have abandoned ship. More like this ship has docked and is now refusing to sail!

Good job I had that relax day last week or else all this could be a little fraught! The error code apparetly means that my modem has decided to not work after having worked perfectly well in the morning, when I tried in the afternoon it was having none of it. Fortunately the very nice folk at the telephone place are sending me another one so we will see if I am capable of reading 'simple' instructions and installing it when it arrives which I very much hope will be tomorrow!

For now I am going to give my friends computer back over to her and say tata for now, I hope you are all ok as I have not been able to check in with you all either - I shall get a flask of tea and sit and catch up just as soon as I am back in business!

Take care for now, til whenever I am back.......
Sarah x

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  1. I've had exactly the same problem, after all new equipment from BT I am now on line again. Technology....good eh! Till it goes wrong!!

    Sue xx


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