Monday, 9 March 2009

Square pegs in round holes

He so nearly made it!

Nearly made it to the end of one day working with tools without causing himself harm or requiring urgent medical treatment (aka a plaster!).

The blue cloth you can see is not an aid to the job in hand, well actually it is - it is aiding the prevention of blood on the mantleshelf and it is in his hand!
The Hubby is a wonderful man and I am not laughing at him, I am loving him as I keep telling him (which means I am laughing but trying not to) and right now I am loving him very very much!

But plasters and injuries aside, the new mantleshelf looks fab and it is all ready for its stain and finishing.
Doors are nearly there too, we most definately have a Friday afternoon house, infact I think it may even have been a bank holiday weekend - really really wonky door frames!

Its all just too much for George.

Big big thanks to Hubby and Brother in law, they have been working very hard to get these doors on and the rooms finished, I really appreciate it and them. I'll bake them as many biscuits as they need to get the jobs done!

Off out with George now the rain has let up a little, take care all, Sarah x

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