Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Three Hens A Laying


Ah, not the right words yet again, but that's not important - we have all three hens laying eggs! Vera produced her first of the year today. She has the prettiest eggs to match her pretty feathers, which may explain why she is also the last of the trio to cotton on to most things, like how to get back into the enclosure which has not changed or moved ever since they have lived in it which is over a year now! Bless her - nice and pretty but the lights are not always on, clearly an eco conscious energy saving chook.

Betty and Vera sun bathing

All three of the girls are liking the new sunny weather we have been having for the past few days. They have discovered the south facing fence which has appeared from behind the old shrubs that were cleared last month and they have taken over the patch to create the perfect chook spa dirt bath.

Now we don't have any proper chairs in our front room at present, due to them being on order with a well known company which have now rather inconveniently gone bust and into administration, so we may well not have any for the forseeable future. We don't normally buy anything new, favouring the junk shops and auctions but on this occasion we thought we had found just the perfect thing, that'll learn us! But seems as we have still have to sit somewhere we have quite a good setup going with various cushions and bean bags. Yes we could move a sofa in from the other room but then we wouldn't have anywhere to sit in there! So bit of a temporary measure as we are rather hoping the chairs will still arrive so we don't want to clutter up the room with more than we will need once we have the chairs! Well I was sitting very comfortably on my cushion arrangement last night, but as soon as I had left the room the furry ones took over! I did manage to shoehorn my way back in thus spending the rest of the evening with a dog on my lap and a cat on my head!

Hope you all had a lovely warm and cosy night last night too!

Take care, til tomorrow, Sarah xx

PS the iron in the above picture - nothing to do with me, I have no idea what it is even for!


  1. Yes I have one of those as well. The iron I mean. It has been sitting there for two weeks now, ever since I cottened onto the fact that the pile of crinkled clothes in the laundry might like to get together with it. Trouble is I am just bad at introductions. LOL

    We often find ourselves sitting on a cushion on the floor - we have sofas, but the fur family usually get there first.

    Take care


  2. Haha...irons are for ironing.....it's a man thing!!

    Sue xx


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