Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Sieve Head

That is my official title for the day.

Sieve Head.

Somehow I have managed to go to market and sell stuff, with relative success I am happy to say, but without the aid of a few items of stock, gadgets to open the juicer, price tags, chalk to write on my board to name a few, not to mention a large portion of my brain. Just trying to count money was a challenge, like the currency had changed overnight and I wasn't quite used to it - it all looked familiar but it didn't really make any sense!

There was a suspicion amongst my fellow stall holders that there was something in the Biggleswadian air this morning as I was not the only one suffering - either side of me there were very generous folk trying to give away too much change but fortunately there were also the very honest customers who pointed this out!
So instead of a picture of my stall at the market, which I have been meaning to take for months now ( I forgot to do that too) I have another picture of the Chickadees lounging in the sun warmed dirt in the garden. Vera was, prior to the photo, almost lying on her back with her little yellow stockinged legs in the air!

Got to go and get more tea!

Take care all

Sarah x

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  1. Hello Sarah
    Maybe there was 'something in the water' when you made tea before leaving for the market.
    One good thing is it means that customers will remember your stall - 'Comedy Acts for Free' and hopefully come back again lol
    Take care


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