Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Who is managing the time?

Oh dear, has it really go to half past seven in the evening and I haven't even sat and written a blog today?

In actual fact, I have not even read anyone elses yet!

So much for me reading Time Management for Dummies! I clearly really am quite a Dummie as nothing seems to have improved other than I have a little less time in the evenings as I am reading how to save time!!

I am in no doubt that once I have finished the book and got myself sorted with a routine and implemented some of the ideas I will be amazed at how much more time I seem to have, it is just that it is taking time to learn what to do, when and how! Meanwhile paperwork mountain is still unsurmounted (is that the right word? I haven't got time to check in the dictionary!).

Haven't even taken the camera out today so no up to date pics either! Off to go and make dinner now whilst it is still light!

Take care all, til tomorrow xx

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