Monday, 6 July 2009

Party in the park

Just about recovered enough now to catch up on the weekend! We had a fabulous time at Party in the Park in Blunham on Saturday.
It was a beautiful day and we were entertained by some good local bands playing on the back of a spud truck! What a good idea for a stage!

Now I am way out of touch with most things but this is the way to pose for pictures, I am told! It was great for the children too so many of their friends were there, we didn't really see them except for when they needed food!

Both Debs and I have been busy tidying up our houses and sorting things out and can no longer find the lovely wine 'glasses' which we both have owned at one time or another so Debs found us some very appropriate cups to drink our lovely wine from.
Yep - a cow cup that says 'moo' on it! Once filled with wine this is very likey to turn the holder of said cup right into a silly moo which it most certainly did in my case!
The moon came up and the silly moos carried on with the music and dancing! We did thankfully have a dry night in the sense that nothing came down from the sky! And I must congratulate myself and Debs for getting our tent up after a couple of 'moos' of wine (the new term for the alternative glass), which had never been put up by either of us before, and finding it again at the end of the night!
Back to work today, got to get stock together for the County Show next weekend.
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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  1. It makes all the difference if the weatehr is good for these events!
    Our Saturday started off with drizzle and a lot of wind... but the day got better, thank goodness! ;-)


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