Wednesday, 29 July 2009

And back - again!

I'm so sorry, I have been neglecting you again. What sort of a blogger am I? So easily distracted!

So where have I been? Well it was Hitchin Market on Saturday last, or as we are now know 'The Riverside Craft and Farmers Market'

It was a lovely day (talking about the weather again!) especially considering this is what was outside the window on the Friday afternoon.

Not forgetting that this is the middle of our summer of which we have been promised a great one this year!

Although this weather is rather unseasonal (or not depending upon which year you are comparing it to) and rather frustrating when you want it to be nice on market days at least, it is however, providing some very dramatic sky pictures!

As it happens, this weekend just gone, the Saturday of Hitchin Market was the best day in ages!

As the name suggests, we are on the river banks with St Mary's Church as a backdrop.

Fortunately they put my stall with its back to the wall so that I didn't have to worry about taking one too many steps back and ending up in the river!

For those of you that know Hitchin, the Farmers and Craft market extends around to Churchgate to the open green area behind the Portmill Lane carpark too which will lead you back to the shops by Simmonds the bakers. I have been told that I will possibly be down that way next time.

I didn't get to go and take lots of photos of other stalls as I was there by myself and seemed to see so many people I knew I was kept rather busy!

I am off to deliver some cookies now, then to plan how to make sure I keep enough hours in the day to do everything! I think the first step will be to take the Time Management for Dummies book back to the library, as eversince I have had it in my possession, time seems to have gone even quicker! It is clearly linked to time itself!

Take care all

Sarah xx


  1. Hi Sarah,

    As usual your stall looks fantastic!
    I don't know how you find the time to make everything!

    That craft fair/farmers market looks fab, I am sure Hitchin is not that far from me, I will have to try and check out :-)

    Rose XXX

  2. Hope you did well with your stall..I love those sort of markets ;-)


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