Saturday, 4 July 2009

Mission Impossible

I did think I may be on a mission today but as quickly as it came about I have had to abandon it! Hubby is now driving a van down to Dorset without a co-driver, I had hoped to get stocked up with scones and clotted cream and a visit to the Ringwood Brewery enroute, but we just weren't going to get there and back quick enough for me to be back to go to a mini Glasto-type experience in a nearby village tonight.

My friend and I are going to be camping on the cricket pitch, or is it the footy pitch? Either way I just hope we are up and off it before they kick off tomorrow! Music all the way tonight and even if it rains in true festival style it wont matter because we are within walking distance of one of our houses!

This is a never before seen picture of the Chickadees - all asleep, no noise, not making any mess, so lovely to see them still, how cute?

Then Vera had an itch! That was that and all three got up and wandered off down the garden, it was sweet whilst it lasted but power nap over it was time to find more food - something which I can understand there!

I'm off to find my sleeping bag and wellies now! Take care all, enjoy the weekend
Sarah x


  1. My first open air concert was Opera in the Park in the Auckland Domain, New Zealand in 1992. We got there five hours early to get a good spot and it started to rain as soon as we sat down. And it rained for the next nine hours. LOl But we had so much fun and the music was great. Hope you have a dry night.


  2. Have a brilliant evening, and enjoy the canvas experience!

    Sue xx


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