Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Raindrops on Patios

I've decided I need to make a pond in our garden.

Not that it is entirely necessary on a morning like today where there has been enough rain to cover the patio!

I found myself daydreaming out of the window over breakfast watching the raindrops make their perfect circles in the water, it was totally absorbing and had it not been for Geroge's wet nose reminder that there were things to do I would still be there!

I am still in the process of scaling mount paperwork today, how long can it take you ask? Well I think I am all sorted on where I am going to and when, just need to tackle the rest of the household organisation now!

Just to let you know that Garden Divas summer sale is now on with lots of lovely gardening goodies on offer. Be sure to check out the bespoke handmade lavender parcels made here in Land Cuckoo!

Take care all, stay dry
Sarah x


  1. A pond would be a very good idea. We have two huge ones that were almost empty....now the ducks are having a brilliant time!

    Oh, I wish Summer would come back!

    Sue xx

  2. Thanks for the mention of our sale in your blog Sarah :-) I think I saw you a few weekends back at Bedfordshire County Show? I was just visiting! How did it go for you? Katie xx


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