Friday, 3 July 2009

Who hid the week?

Would the person or persons responsible for disappearing the past week away please stand up. Last thing I knew it was Monday, now look where we are - Friday and I'm going to have to go and watch the tennis again in a minute.
Played with icing last night! My friend and I painted the kitchen in all sorts of colours to see what we could do with the cookies.
Chocolate, pinkness and sprinkles featured heavily in mine!
The stripy ones I am particularly pleased with, just need to practice the technique lots to get a good finish. Maybe this should not be done during the hottest time of the year!
Well you didn't expect me to just look at them did you?
This is my 'nosey barker' mug that Hubby got for my birthday, it bears quite a resemblence don't you think!

Clearly I mean this comparison to George, not me for my Corrie style curtain twitching! (I don't do that by the way!)

George doesn't have a lot on today so time out to have a rest!
Same can't be said for me right now, seems as no-one is keen to own up to hiding up the rest of the week where I couldn't find it I am off to see if I can do everything in one afternoon!
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. If you find out who hid the week, could you get him (it's bound to be a him!) to send my share back.

    I intend to apply for a new 30 hour day and an 8 day week, then I should just about have enough time to get all my jobs done.

    Love the pics of George, are you sure he didn't model for that mug.

    Have a brilliant weekend.

    Sue xx

  2. Love the cookies Sarah, they look amazing! Come visit m soon! xxxxx

  3. aw, cuddles and scratches for george - what a cutey :) those biskwits look *ace*! am well impressed x

  4. Wow the cookies are brilliant, little works of art.


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