Friday, 10 July 2009

Buddy's Friday - Bank Holiday Beaches

This post was inspired by reading the August edition of Coast with my Coco Pops this morning! On a thrifty note - I have a few copies of Coast at an incredibly good price as an introductory promotion - so saved money there also!

So Coast are campaigning to bring back the day trip to the seaside on August Bank Holiday. We are to shun the decorating and the urge to go and shop with hundreds of other hot people in steamy car parks, sorry retail parks, and board a train to the beach.

They are asking people to take their cameras out on the Bank Holiday and take pictures, if you have any pictures, sketches or notes then send them to Coast ( titled AUGUST BANK HOLIDAY and they will be publishing the best in their November issue.

Seaside Pleasures:

Eating candy floss, ice cream and fish and chips all on the same day!

Shoe-horning yourself into a swimming cozzie behind a windbreak.

Playing crazy golf on the promenade, OK so this isn't crazy golf but it was great fun, and free!

Playing Frisbee on the beach.

Paddling with your trousers rolled up.

Playing in rock pools.

Just walking.

Watching the boats.

Around the country this year are so many free events at the seaside it should be possible to have some very good days out with only travel and essential food costs (fish and chips being an essential of course!). Just a few that I have read about are:

Dorset Seafood Festival, Weymouth - 11th and 12th July
Tate, Liverpool - open all year

The Oyster Festival, Whitstable - 18th to 26th July

The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth - All year

Family Fun Festival, Bournemouth - August

O2 Scrum on the Beach, Newquay, Bournemouth and Tynemouth - various dates.

Acknowledgements to Coast magazine for providing some of the information for this post, my photos though!

Take care all and have a lovely weekend, hope the weather is lovely where you are.

Sarah x


  1. That post brought back happy family memories of cheap days at the seaside. When you spread your blanket on the sand, Mum read and Dad built sandcastle with the kids.

    The highlight of the day was the homemade picnic and a donkey ride each for the boys. Followed by a sandy '99' from the icecream man and a slow drive home along the prom, fixing the sights in your mind until next time.

    Now my 'boys' are 22 and 28 (and with 4 children of his own the older one), gosh how time flies!

    Sue xx

  2. Sarah, that sounds a great holiday, reminds me of my childhood days in New Zealand


  3. Sounds like a lot of wonderful things to do this summer. Great pictures.


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