Monday, 13 July 2009

After the show

Just getting things back to normal and away in their rightful places after the Bedfordshire County Show at the weekend.

I took this on the Sunday as I was driving up to the showground, there is something quite exciting and magical about so many people with their tents and caravans, horses, dogs and show stopping acts, shops and stalls which offer a huge range of interesting goodies all making a temporary home in a field for a few days only to disappear within 24 hours back to their corner of the county, and I feel very privelidged to be a part of it.

This was our home for the weekend in the Bedfordshire Area Crafts market place. There were 16 of us who all come from the Bedfordshire area and handmake our own crafts, more about some of those later on in the week.

The Show took place at Shuttleworth Park with it's beautiful house and acres of parkland.

Not forgetting the Shuttleworth Collection of vintage aeroplanes of which we got to watch a number of them taking off and landing over the weekend. OK so you have to look really closely to actually see the aeroplane but they did come nearer, just didn't get a good picture!

I didn't manage to get out and about to take many pictures as it was fairly vast and I was there by myself but there seemed to be a lot of stalls and there was certainly a lot going on the the main arena which we were lucky enough to be able to see from our stall!

First thing on the Saturday, the rain came! It absolutely fell down but did manage to result in a few sales for folk as the people who dived into our marquee for shelter found that they actually could do with a few things!

These magnificent shire horses got caught in the rain on the Saturday but they carried on with their routine. So graceful and beautiful and yet it wasn't until you were up close that you realised just how big they really are. They were absolutely gleaming and the riders too were brilliantly turned out in their dress uniforms, this was their afternoon outfits having got a thorough soaking in the morning!

The Morris dancers came round busking on Sunday, this is a mixed group with men and women and they all had their faces painted in the green and purple colours too.

These guys were fun, one of them was giving the commentry from his frontline position on his bike! They jumped over trucks and cars and even a steam engine, finishing off with an almighty explosion! Didn't get any pictures of the big bang as I was too busy chatting with customers, but believe me it was so big it set all the car alarms off and we could even feel the warmth of the fire as it went off from where we were!

I hope you all had lovely weekends too, I am off to bake now for the Farmers Market on Wednesday.

Take care, til tomorrow

Sarah x


  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend, you did have a good view from your stall didn't you, great pictures.

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Love your pictures, you must have had a great time!

    Rose XXX


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