Monday, 20 July 2009

Jane de Lacey Munday Jewellery

Sometime last week when I did actually blog, I said I was going to tell you more about some of the people I met at the County Show. Well now that I seem to have found the time again to sit at the 'puter I shall do that!

Jane de Lacey Munday has been making jewellery with Precious Metal Silver Clay (PMC) for the past 7 years although she has been 'dabbling', as she puts it, with jewellery for 20 years. Initially self taught, she has attended and now runs workshops to learn new skills which she incorporates into her own jewellery.
PMC contains fine silver particles bound together with an organic binder and a little water which burns away during the firing process to leave you with pure silver to polish and finish.

Jane uses dichroic glass, porcelain, cubic zircona and precious gemstones within her jewellery to create beautiful designs which are entirely original.

Even when a mould is used (Jane makes these herself too) she notes how many times she has used it and will destroy it after so many uses to ensure that repeated pieces are kept to a minimum.

Jane offers jewellery parties with fabulous offers and discounts for the hostess, how lovely to have the luxury of shopping in your own home! Brilliant too if you want to find a piece of jewellery to wear with a particular outfit, you could try your whole wardrobe on if you liked!

And as if jewellery and parties wasn't enough, you can also learn how to make your own pieces by attending one of Jane's workshops. Classes are held in Bedford and you can learn the basics with the introductory course, progressing onto further techniques including working with dichoric glass.

Do have a look at her website, all the information you could need is there, and if you get the chance have a look at her work in person, it is so very tactile, and pictures, no matter how good don't give you the full impact of her work.

I am off to tackle paperwork mountain today, got the crampons on and have plenty of rope for the ascent, have even packed a flag for the arrival at the summit!

Take care all, til tomorrow (and I really do intend to be back tomorrow this time!)

Sarah x

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  1. Hi Sarah, I have just read your lovely write up about me. thank you so much. Met your hubby recently at the Potton show - I think he survived his first craft fair intact!! Hope you are well and we can catchup properly some time soon. Regards and Bright Blessings Jane DLM xx


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