Thursday, 16 July 2009

The simple life

From getting back after walking George I thought I would just wizz through a few bits and pieces before popping out to the bank. No, not going to happen that way.
Firstly I filled the washing machine and found theres not quite enough for a full load in darks or lights, will have to wait until later in the day as I am bound to find a few stray items along the way!
Then let the chickens out into the garden, that I did without any problem but noticed one of our roof tiles was at a funny angle so off to the shed to get the ladder.
Whilst up the ladder, after sorting out the wonky tile (not at full house height, this is on the extension bit!) I found a multitude of moss in the gutter so cleaned that out.

Put the ladder back and decided that I would sweep up after doing the washing up.

So then I watered tomato plants but then decided they had to be moved to get even more sun as the little green tomatoes are appearing now, somehow this involved me emptying and sorting out the bins at the same time.

Did then get onto the washing up and managed to tip a container full of water down me - twice.

Dropped the grill pan, very very loud noise.

Walked into chair - hurt elbow lots.

Finished emptying the dishwasher and filled it up again, didn't think I had much to wash up this morning, it certainly didn't look that much!

Stopped and had a look at my lovely flowers I have been given this week by my Auntie who visited on Tuesday - which is why I ran out of time to get to the computer to blog in between the most delicious lunch out and baking for Farmers Market.

And the jolly sunflowers that Hubby bought. Both have worked their magic and I feel much more cheered now, elbow still hurts and am rather damp from washing up but cheered all the same!

You can even see George rolling his eyes at me! "Just going to keep my head down Mum whilst you rattle and clatter about the house, I'll come and give you wet nose hug as soon as you sit down" And right on cue, George has just wandered in and put his head on my lap for a fuss before lying down beside me - such a great companion.

At least now I have a full load for the washing machine as I can add what I am currently wearing plus the tea towels that were grabbed to mop up the flood in the kitchen!

Off to see if I can 'just do' any other little jobs!

Take care all, til tomorrow

Sarah x


  1. That's what I call 'bouncing', when you bounce from job to job, all slightly linked in a weird fashion and you sit down at the end of it and think 'what was it I originally wanted to do and why have I not done it?'

    Enjoy the rest of the day.

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Sarah,

    You have been busy!
    Love the sunflowers :-)

    Rose XXX

  3. Welcome to My World!I hate the bit at the end of the day when you still feel like nothing got done though!
    L.X(another great 'justdoer')

  4. But aren't the days that pan out like this sometimes the most productive. But I hope your elbow is feeling a lot better.

    And as for the bank - well they can wait, for too long they have thought they are the most important part of our lives.



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