Sunday, 30 August 2009

Up up and away

Just back from a fab day at the Gransden Air Show.
I was there as a stall holder in the craft hanger, quite a change from the regular marquee!

This was our home for the day.

So lovely to have the space to spread the Land Cuckoo wings out a little! Excuse the aviation pun!
The police helicopter was the first to arrive
Or was it the parachutes?
I can't remember now and my legs are 'singing' like they do when I've been standing on them on concrete all day!

There were loop the loops and acrobats by many different skilled pilots. As I was there on my own I didn't get out to take too many photos but we did have a good view from our hanger.

You can see how close we were to the planes even though we were still behind all the crowd. The plane is taxying along behind the ice cream van. The ice cream van was not taxying, it didn't fly.

A by-plane, probably an important one, lots of them were.

If you can see on this picture the signs telling you which way is which - why don't more places have these? Would help me out no end!

And there's my truck in its rightful place, off road, in a field! It is so much fun to drive it as it should be done, even for just a little while in someone elses field!
Must go and eat dinner now and put feet up.
Have a wonderful bank holiday those of you who are going to have one!
Take care
Sarah x


  1. Looks like a brilliant day, hope it was successful.

    I love to see planes doing all the acrobatics, we have a couple that practice overhead here a couple of times a week, it's like my own private air show, but I'm always terrified that they're going to crash into the M40!!

    Sue xx

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Wow, another fab day! You stall looks amazing :-)

    Rose XXX


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