Saturday, 22 August 2009

Festival of Quilts again!

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the photos yesterday. It was an amazing display and I have some more piccies for you today.

Sorry but my ability to tell you about these is non existant! There really was so much to see that I didn't have time to read all about each piece, which I shall rectify next year and go for the 2 day option!

These quilts were amazing, more like paintings, so detailed. The one on the right has lots of detail (which you can't see in this photo very well) all down the arcade.

Had to stop and look at this one, it was huge and so bright, not to mention it has twinkles throughout the quilt and I am quite partial to a bit of sparkle!

This is another by the same designer and you can just make out the sparkles.

This quilt was made for the millenium by quilters in Bedfordshire and it is kept in the museum. Unfortunately it is not out on show and the exhibitors asked us to contact the museum to see if enough people wanted to see the quilt on show permanently it may happen.

There is the Cardington Hangers

Clophill, Clifton and Willington.

The Swiss Gardens, Whipsnade and Old Warden. Now I am going to have to go and find out about the windmill as I don't know about that! Right, just done that and apparently there are about 13 windmills in Bedfordshire (thanks to this website for the info), and going by the pictures I am going to guess that this one is in Stevington.
And after having typed 'windmills in Bedfordshire' into my Google search I am now happily singing away about windmills in Amsterdamn and little mice with cloggs on, well I declare, going clip clippety clop la la la la la la..............

And lastly this one, has to be my favourite for a few reasons. Firstly it is called 'Away with the Fairies' which some would say is rather appropriate for me!

Then I spotted this in the details - just like my little feathered ones!

And as if it were meant to be, who else did I spy in amongst the treasures!
So, did I buy anything? Oh yes, it would have been rude not to!

Some great green pears and red apples just ripe to be made into memo boards

Boosting my collection of pinks

A little more to add to the seasonal collection

My first Amy Butler fabrics, not had any of her designs before.

A few must have mini buttons

And last but not least, my new ornament! This roll of beautiful fabrics (American Retro from Maggie at Sunflower Fabrics, where else!) is just far too gorgeous to even unroll just yet. I will keep it close to my work desk and look at it regularly until it is time to open it and use it!
Talking of work, now I must go and do some, having spent the morning cleaning the house and pickling that lovely beetroot I got from the farmers market earlier in the week. I've never picked anything before (unless you count excessive red wine consumption as pickling!) so we shall see how that turns out!
Take care all and have a lovely weekend
Sarah x


  1. Wow! Those quilts are gorgeous! I love the apple and pears one. Amy Butler fabric is awesome! You have a very nice blog. Have a great day-
    If you would like to visit mine:

  2. Lovely photos Sarah. I'm glad to see the Millenium Quilt again, and in case you didn't know the very centre panel (John Bunyan and his mate) was appliqued by your good friend Maggie!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.Glad you had a wonderful day too, the fabrics you bought are gorgeous, pinks and greens always speak to me too. I loved the last quilt you photographed the crazy one I made one similar with fan edges which my daughter saw,loved and off it went to her house. I could'nt take any photo's my camera went 'Kaput' but there were some really lovely quilts,some of these people must do nothing else I have to do the occasional cleaning, washing, shopping and of course cooking I could go on but I wont. will visit again soon, Jill

  4. It just amazes me the hours of work and detail that goes into these quilts.To me a quilt is a symbol of friendship



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