Saturday, 1 August 2009

Flat fruit and boys toys

The balance isn't right in the Land of Cuckoo.

It seems that I am slowly being squeezed out of the front room.

There has always been guitars on the wall, and yes they are played everyday (not by me) and they do look pretty good all together, but yesterday there were only two, now there are three!

And then the other day two of these arrived!

It's hiddeous!
An oversized car seat in my front room!

One happy Hubby in the Chandler and Joey chairs! (Friends fans will know what I mean)

Both the boys in their new den, their last sanctuary of the house, the little bit of batchelor-dom that has been created! Hang on a minute - even with a recliner the feet are still on the furniture!

So what did I get as a treat today? Peaches!

Although not just any peaches these - they are flat! Well not completely, that would be daft, they look like they have been grown in a confined space, they're a bit squashed! These aren't just an odd pair from my veg shopping, these are grown that way especially, although I don't know why!

So off to make sure I keep a hold of the other rooms in the house now. I feel a batch of cushion making coming up to help stake my place in the bloke pad, just you wait Hubby, there will be a riot of florals about this house soon enough!

Take care all

Sarah x

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