Monday, 24 August 2009

Road to nowhere

Morning folks. Thanks for all your lovely comments which I shall reply to at some point but I am having a little computer trouble, most frustrating.

I hope you all had lovely weekends. Mine was a bit of a Lewis Hamilton one as opposed to an England cricket team one! (woohoo! we won the Ashes!) In so much as it started off all so well, I had a good run on most things and then, oops made a little error which wasn't my fault (well ok, in my case it was my fault) but hey ho we got to the end unscathed, just rather annoyed!

Yesterday I was supposed to be going to an event in Essex of which I was very much looking forward to, a little day trip with my stall, a change of scenery and new people to introduce to Land Cuckoo, not to mention the chance to see some more talented people and their crafts. So checked the route on Saturday, no worries, went to double check it and make sure I was leaving in plenty of time on Sunday morning at which point the computer decided to give up. Not a problem, I just used the map and guessed how long it would take to get there.

So off I set with car loaded, lunch packed and directions all written out in really big writing so I could see at a glance. This is my usual procedure and it is fairly fool proof. That is until the fool driving (that'll be me again) sees the sign to the M11 and promptly gets on the motorway going in the wrong direction! Clearly I wasn't concentrating and suddenly I was off and going my usual route to the beach!

On realising my mistake I had to look for a suitable junction that I could turn around and get back on the motorway going in the other direction. Hmmm this was not so easy as every slip road led straight onto another road, but I eventually saw one and darted off to the roundabout. Only to be foiled again and posted straight onto another road of which I didn't recognise and had no idea in which direction it was going! By the time I managed to get to somewhere to stop so I could consult the map I had travelled in completely the wrong direction so far that I was too late to get to the event in order to set up!

I was so cross with myself, such an un-necessary error and I hate letting people down, I guess next time I am going somewhere different I shall be leaving excessively early to allow for driving in the wrong direction!

So, did I mention the Ashes?

Off to plan my next journey to the unknown!
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Haha....all sounds funny now, but I bet unbelievably frustrating at the time.

    And I know.......I once set off from Reading to go to Lancaster and ended up crossing the Clifton Suspension Bridge.......don't ask!! I still get teased about that one.

    Sue xx

  2. Get yourself a sat nav, it saves all the hassle, you drive the sat nav tells you which way to go, brilliant.......

  3. Yes you can mention the Ashes as much as you like, did you know we won them yesterday Whoopee! I am not telling my husband waht you did on the motorway he would have a field day because it is just the sort of thing I would do, my friend Kathleen and I spend lots of times going around roundabouts trying to find the correct exit.

  4. poor you! Sounds just like something I would manage to do!!! Obviously wasn't meant to be... Hope your week improves!

  5. yes let's mention the Ashes!! You can guess the Joy in our house! and the Aussies Lost at Rugby too(V's NZ) So It was a grumpy weekend here!
    (Wife having secret smile)
    Lynne X


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