Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Fab day out in Cambridge

A bit of a warning - there are rather a lot of pics today!

Yesterday I went to Cambridge for the first time in many years, in fact I think the last time I was there I was in my school uniform! The fact that I have not been to Cambridge is pretty shameful considering it is at the end of the road, almost!

See, definately Cambridge - bikes, punts and lovely riverside restaurants!

Beautiful houses

Some even have their own Romeo and Juliet balconies!

Kings College, the only bit I recognised from that old school trip!

Now, my friend who showed me around did the perfect tailor made guided tour. We stopped here at Bellina Chocolate House and collected some supplies.

Didn't manage to get a good picture of the actual chocolates as we were sat in the grounds of the round church on a bench - excuses, excuses - we ate them too quick!!

The round church

And a bizzare clock with a giant bug thing ontop that moves the cogs around. Well I think it is a clock, didn't really go and have a close look if I am honest, it was just such an odd looking display!

Plus there was so many lovely buildings to look at in the opposite direction.

Fabulous doorways and gates
Beautiful flowers

Didn't know men ate green stuff?

We refreshed ourselves with a cool pear cider whilst we waited for the men folk to arrive.

Saw alleyways of Cambridge on the way to the restaurant, filled with bikes and more wonderful architecture.

And a little bit of England!

After dinner at Browns (great setting, great service and absolutely delicious food) we did a photo shoot and run at a rather lovely hotel, in fact we ran in so quickly I can't even remember the name of it! Hubby found a great chair, another, one but we have no more chair space in our house!!

Chandelier made with wine glasses.

And a fab wine cellar!
Now that I know it really is on my doorstep I shall be off to Cambridge much more often!
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. I used to go up to Cambridge when I was a student in Hertfordshire!
    I have not visited for years and would love to re-visit one day.
    When I was quite young, my mum and dad took us punting on the river in Cambridge...that was very scary,I can tell you!
    A lovely tour...thanks ;-)

  2. I love cambridge, i got engaged very close to that top picture!!!!!

  3. Lovely pics! I used to work in Cambridge...but somehow you miss all the beauty when you are trudging into work every day!! What a beautiful city :-) xx

  4. P.S. I tagged you...apologies ;-)

  5. Hi Sarah,

    What fantastic photos!
    My nan & grandad live in cambridge (on the more rural borders) but I haven't been into Cambridge for such a long time... Your photos are making me want to!

    I hope you had a fantastic day!

    Rose XXX

  6. Oooh....a mansized salad and a pear cider...yes please!!

    Sue xx

  7. Hi Cuz!
    Never apologise for your photos. They are always so lovely and I love to see them..I do miss ol'Blighty at times!
    Lynne X


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