Friday, 14 August 2009

Buddy's Friday - Scavenger Hunt

Last weekend we went on a scavenger hunt and I thought it would link quite nicely to Buddy's Friday over at Margaret's Ramblings. Now we used our cars as we were going to be travelling to neighbouring towns but this wouldn't be necessary if you were planning to do one on foot, but change the time allowance accordingly!! Otherwise all we needed was pencil and paper and a digital camera to record and 'collect' certain findings. We had an hour and a half which disappeared in a flash but this is what we had to find:

The Official Car Rally Scavenger Hunt List!
A padded envelope - got it!
A photo of an out of style haircut from a barber shop window

Not too out of date, in fact nothing really wrong with it but all the barbers we came across were far too trendy and had no pictures at all!

A photo of a team member with a uniformed Police Officer or Fireman

Just to be on the safe side we had a fireman, policeman and a PCSO with car and a very new shiny fire engine!

This, however is thinking outside the box!

A piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia - the spare glove from the car wasn't allowed!

A picture of a team member riding an automated kiddie ride

Didn't have time to go round properly!

A paper placemat, takeout menu, or matches from any Chinese restaurant

Something (not the deodorant) that's strong enough for a man, yet made for a woman - bit of a cryptic one this, we went for a Yorkie Bar (well done Hubby for thinking of that) others went for the Bounty kitchen roll!

Photo of ALL team members group-hugging in front of Kennedy Gardens Fountain

Can't find our team photo, but this team were closer to the fountain than we were!

The lyrics to the 2nd verse of Slade's So here it is Merry Christmas - we arrived at the record shop in Hitchin to find it is no longer a record shop! As I said this out loud (thinking outside my head again) the shop owner heard me and asked what it was we were looking for. When we explained we were doing a charity scavenger hunt he very kindly helped out by Googling the words and printing them off for us!

A toupee - Nope didn't get!

A mannequin, or part thereof
Possibly not the first thing you think of when you imagine a mannequin!Ready for your body double Mr T!

A car wash receipt from today

Now we had to think outside the box, so whilst Hubby was finding the mannequin I got us a car wash!

A Brownies, Beavers, Guides or Scout badge - we didn't have time to get home to raid my collection!

A photo depicting one team member, one total stranger, and a live animal
This is the very nice man from the pet shop in Hitchin with his lovely collie, and thank you to the other total stranger who kindly took the picture!

A photo of the entire team on Leys Avenue

The business card of a person not known to members of the group

A current Argos catalogue - not difficult once you remember where Argos is!

A real four-leaf clover

Trust me there is a 4 leaf clover in there somewhere! At least we didn't try and glue one together - you know who you are!

A photo of all team members in front of a house whose number is 3

One of those little individually wrapped soaps from a hotel or motel

An oak leaf

Something shaped like an egg that is not an egg

A piece of hideous wallpaper

A student railcard

A photo of a team member leaning on a conveyor belt
by the time we took our picture we think most of the other teams had run into the same supermarket as we were getting some rather strange looks!

Possibly even the same conveyor belt!

Aha, this team bucked the trend and went for a different supermarket!

A Cadburys Creme Egg - A Kinder Egg did not count but it was all we had!

A jar of water from the River Hiz (with proof of its origin)

A disposable coffee cup

A free promotional pen (must have company's info on it).

A 1980 coin (any denomination).

The phone number of the phone booth opposite Londis. Couldn't even see the phone box!

How many swings are at Arlesey Park / Rec? - a complete guess as we were running out of time, but we got it right!

What take-away is open latest on Saturday nights in Arlesey? - another guess for same reason but again it was right!

A cocktail umbrella.

A photo of someone walking their dog.

Scared the life out of this lovely lady as she was getting her dogs out of her car, you see she was also at Kennedy Gardens and could also take our photo for one of the other tasks!

Maximum Possible Score

I think we ended up with a score of about 280 (we didn't win) which wasn't bad and we were only 3 minutes late back! We had a brilliant afternoon and it was so nice that everyone who helped, or rather was pounced upon to take a picture or pose for one was very kind and helpful and I hope maybe they walked away with a little smile, maybe wondering what those mad people were going to have to find next!

This was so much fun and it did remind me of the scavenger hunts we did with scouts, there was a huge one we used to do, I think it may have been over a weekend but it did involve some rather large finds. like fire trucks in real life not just a photo of!

Anyway, that was last weekend. I have to collect all my bits and bobs together for market for this weekend now, off to Welwyn Garden tomorrow.

Take care all

Sarah x


  1. That all sounds fantastic, well done on getting 280. I think it shows the generosity of complete strangers that they'll help with things like this, it kind of restores your faith that there are loads of nice people around.

    Sue xx

  2. What an exciting day I really wish I had been there with you. I can imagine the laughter, giggles and adrenalin rush when you found your prey.

    My son left Welwyn Garden City to move to Nottingham, in the same village as me last Wednesday. I will miss my visits there and the great charity shops in the city centre.



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