Thursday, 20 August 2009

Farmers Market

Yesterday was Biggleswade Farmers Market and I remembered to take my camera to snap up some of the stalls selling their goodies!

Lets start with my neighbour - Wobbly Bottom Farm

They specialise in goats cheeses which they make themselves, and because I am the one taking the photos, these are my two most favourite cheeses, although it is a tough decision as they make so many delicious varieties!

They also have cow cheeses available, with a great range of flavours.

Herts Healing has some lovely gift ideas , the ideal present for someone special as they are heartfelt and thoughtful, or treat yourself - we all deserve a treat sometimes don't we! They also offer a wide range of complimentary therapies which you can see on their website.

This is a great unusual gift - Medieval Knitting! It makes a wonderful thick and cosy scarf, that is if you don't sew it into a garment. I still haven't mastered the art of knitting with 2 needles yet, this takes five!

You could treat yourself to a rather delicious cake from Missi's Cakes

She has some great designs all on little cupcakes, couldn't get all the cakes in one shot but they look stunning all together, not to mention delicious!

And then there was my other neighbour from yesterday, Gunns Bakery. What more could I need, cheese one side and bread the other! Oh yes - the olives that were next door but one!

This was elevenses - a Bedfordshire Clanger. Like a giant sausage roll made with suet pastry with savoury filling at one end and sweet at the other. So long as you start at the correct end you get dinner and a pudding in one! Originally made for the farm labourers to keep them going when working out in the fields, now for hungry stall holders!

This little fella flew in with Sue from The Beesness (

Delicious local honey.
And a great selection of jams and chutneys, not forgetting the delicious flapjack!

And no market is complete without the fruit and veg. This has been grown within a mile of where it is photographed! For those of us who have not got it together with their own veggie patch this year this is perfect - real veg that tastes like what it oughta! A bunch of that beetroot has been cooked up and is awaiting pickling tomorrow, it is delicious.
Right now I am off to the NEC to the Festival of Quilts so will be back tomorrow with more pictures I expect!
Take care all have a good day
Sarah x


  1. I love it all. I'm a real Farmers Market convert, when I'm not selling at them I'm buying at them. You didn't photograph your stall!!

    Sue xx

    Sue xx

  2. Ooooh what yummy goodies!

    Look forward to seeing your pics of the quilts too!

    Rose XXX

  3. I love these farmers markets! So many tempting goodies!
    A friend of mine has gone to the quilt show.I can't wait to see what she comes back with!

  4. I just love the name Wobbly Bottom Cheeses...LOL Everything looks yummy (except for the knitting!!)

    Great post.

    Gill in Canada


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