Thursday, 13 August 2009

On the Beach

After the rock shop in Yarmouth we got to the beach, my favourite place! Someone else has discovered this to be their favourite place too and cannot wait to get over the sand dunes to see the sea!

I have never seen the sea so blue here!

Admitedly we are normally visiting out of season and in all weathers, it is actually quite unusual to see the windmills at all! They look so serene out at sea, gently turning an invisible force into our power.

Boys like rock pools!

But this one does prefer his ball.

A year ago Geroge would not go near the waves and would certainly not go towards them if we were not closer to them than him.
Now he is quite happy to take a look out to sea (wise enough not to drop his ball though!)
But no way is he going to get his paws wet! Not daft, I'm sure he knows it is the North Sea and not at all warm!

Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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