Monday, 17 August 2009

Where are my apples?

Last time I looked I had a little apple tree with six little apples growing on it. I was looking forward to sampling my first ever home grown by me apples later in the year, yet this morning I went out in the garden to find - no apples.

None at all.

De nada.

Zippo, zilch.

Absolutely nothing, not anything, nought.

See? Just leaves no apples. No evidence of anthing having eaten them, the leaves are all still there, the apples were too high for the chooks to have reached and surely the birds could not have stripped six apples, leaving nothing without us noticing some activity out there?

I'm sulking off to sew now and to plan what I am going to make with my one Bramley cooking apple which is still growing on the other tree, for the time being anyway!

Take care all
Sarah x


  1. as apples need sunshine to grow, maybe they've booked a package tour to Del Monte!

  2. Where did all the apples go?! Do you have any rosie apple cheeked little boy neighbors who might have been scrumping? What a great treasure hunt you went on it must have been a long day. Jane x

  3. How disappointing.....guard that Bramley with your life!!

    Sue xx

  4. Hi Sarah,

    How strange!
    I hope you do not have a secret apple thief in the area!
    Do you have squirrels?
    I can't think of anything else that may have taken them!

    Rose XXX


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