Friday, 7 August 2009

Its Friday

For a Friday, and considering we live in the country it has been a busy and relatively noisy morning so far!

On my part I have spring cleaned the chicken house, again, battle of the Red Mite is raging with avengence once more.

And whilst I had my gloves on I thought I'd 'just weed the front garden'! A job which most folk would do on a nice sunny afternoon for a little potter in the garden but I think is just as well done at 7.45am whilst saying 'morning' to the bin men!

It does look so much better though and I will most certainly appreciate it when I next go out to the car and see a weed free bed!

As I write I can hear the rumble and grumble of various lorries delivering building supplies to the new houses being built at the bottom of the lane and the diggers still digging in the garden out the back of the house. It will be strangely quiet once all the ground works have been done and we are left with new neighbours and a lovely garden out the back.

In our garden I notice the first tomatoes just starting to turn red, they're up against it a bit with the lack of heat and sun about!

Not to mention the fact that they have to be kept in the front garden to get the best sun and to be away from busy beaks in the back garden, but by being round the corner I do forget to water them as regularly as I should! They have turned into hardy little ones though and are doing just fine!
Talking of those busy beaks - found them in an hen huddle yesterday when I came downstairs for something, by the time I ran and got the camera, Betty had decided that the others had nothing to say that she was interested in and had tucked up for a snooze!

Todays task is to think what to do with supplies from our neighbour - new potatoes and plums!
Off to see what Delia says, take care all, til tomorrow (well lets hope!)
Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah,

    You have been busy!
    Your hens made me smile :-)
    You are very lucky to have tomatoes on the turn, mine are still all bright green! We def need some heat and sunshine! You'd think August would have the perfect tomato growing weather... lol
    Good luck with a recipe for your potatoes and plums! I for one used to love my nan's plum crumble - yum!

    Rose XXX

  2. Well Sarah you are a busy girl and so early in the morning. I don't have the attraction of Red Mites but could you pop up to Nottingham to do a spot of spring cleaning here, LOL.

    Your tomatoes are further ahead than mine, no sign of redness yet.



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