Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Is it Tuesday already?

Ooops, what happened to Friday and Monday?  Anyone know?
Hope you all had a good weekend.  I have been off to market and have been finishing off a few new products for Land Cuckoo.  Just because this is the order in which the pictures have uploaded on blogger here, I am going to start with the new things made.

These are my wooden blocks, at present I have just got these two options but will be making up more in due course.

I am thinking at some point I may get the whole alphabet so you can make up your own initials or names.

Now back to present time, or in actual fact, past times as this was taken at Welwyn Garden City market at the weekend.  As you can tell, it was a little blustery!

Most of the stock stayed put most of the time!  I didn't get out to take any pictures until I had sold quite a few items!  Showing off my new (old) suitcase here, another treasure find from my favourite shop.  It is a proper, made in England wooden suitcase and all the catches still work.  Plus it is a really good size for transporting my cushions safely to market! 
A little corner of lavender. 
Last night was the monthly Crafty Night In at my house.  This is a little gathering of like minded folk that I have started to keep us all enthusiastic and keen to try new projects as well as encourage eachother to finish off those longstanding projects we have all been holding onto!!  We have been meeting up once a month and so far have been working on our own projects but last night we made chocolates, and a whole lot of mess!

The first choccies coming out of the mould successfully.  We experimented with different chocolate, fillings and flavours.  My favourite was the chocolate orange with dark chocolate, although the white chocolate cherry was rather scrummy too.

As most of the ladies all live in the village, we left some in the fridge to finish setting overnight.  What a great fridge to find in the morning - full of wine and chocolate!

This is the ever diminishing selection of chocolate which has yet to be wrapped and packaged, although I suspect that there wont be that many to give away!

I'm off to get some more paint on the new signs, a few more to still add to the collection yet.
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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  1. Phew! I admire you taking photos of inside your fridge! It looks so wonderful! Mine is full of bread, cheese and other objects which I fear are decaying! lol!


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