Thursday, 7 April 2011


I survived the excercise!
It was actually great fun, we went to Zumba, which seems to be the latest aerobic class to be the 'in thing' to do at present.  Ooo that last sentence makes me sound so old!  Whatever it sounds like, we had a great time at the Zumba class, it is based on dance moves and is more like being at a party with a lot of other people who are not thinking about what they look like (sweaty and very red faced in an oversized t-shirt, leggins and thankfully matching shoes on my part!) but instead we are all just dancing our little hearts out to good loud music and excercising the face muscles with grinning into the bargin as well! 
This morning I feel perfectly good with no aches either so I am booking my night out dancing again next week.

As I write I am sitting in the workshop with the smell of freshly painted creosote (or the new modern 'safe' equivalent) from my neighbours shed.  Reminds me of summer from my childhood when my Dad used to paint the fence and gate, I love this smell!!
Closely followed by the earlier aroma in the house of my freshly baked bread.  So pleased that we had run out of fresh bread or I might have taken the easy option of just having the shop bought variety, but not having a shop within walking distance and discovering some flour in the cupboard I decided to make my own.  All kneaded by hand, not a machine in sight!  Tasted good!

The animals are loving the sunshine too.  George likes to use the little edge around the flower bed as his chin rest!  Had to take this through the shrubbery picture because he would have moved if he heard me!

Even Missy is taking to the garden for her busy sleeping schedule.

I am unfortunately not getting out in the sunshine other than the dog walking and hanging out the washing, got a painting schedule to keep up for a pair of chairs and some more signs.
Hope you are all enjoying this weather if it is as good with you
Take care
Til tomorrow
Sarah x

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  1. Oh yes - understand fully about jobs to do in the sunshine! lol!


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