Monday, 11 April 2011

Growing up

Its getting longer!
The cow parsley in the spinney is George height now, soon the flowers will be out and we will return from our walk covered in the blossom, with soggy legs on the days that we have rain! 

This was only a week or so ago

This weekend I was at Bedford market.  I haven't had a stall here for a few years now but was looking forward to getting back into it.  My spot outside Bhs was lovely in the sunshine.  There were hundreds of folk out and about at the shops.  I was really pleased because I sold one of my new chairs.  Well I say new, they are old ones revamped!
Am just off into the garden to take pictures of various bits for the website, so lovely in the sunshine, even my messy garden looks inviting!
Take care, til tomorrow
Sarah x


  1. The weather has been wonderful! Today is another matter - how so british!

  2. The stall looks lovely, and as for George...well he's a proper little poser isn't he!!

    I know what you mean about everything looking better in the garden with a bit of sunshine.

    Sue xx

  3. Hello

    You could preserve the "graffiti" by waxing it with a clear candle and it will then resist the paint you use for decorating the pew.


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