Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cooling off

Last weekend we took ourselves out in the glorious sunshine for a wander round one of the nearby villages.  It was a glorious day, thankfully we set of nice and early so we wern't walking in the heat of the day.
We found some beautiful bluebells just starting to show their glorious colours under the trees.
Someone had a particularly good time trotting backwards and forwards along the paths.  Typical Collie, likes to be in front and up ahead but also likes to keep coming back to check up on us, so consequently walks twice as far as anyone else!  Also found a great pub at the end of the walk for a welcome cooling drink and some lunch.
George, however, waiting until we got home before he had his cooling drink.
Woohoo!  Garden hose, moving water (that isn't a river or the sea) my favourite!

Just have a little drink

And cool my face down 


How do I look?  Soggy?  Let me just shake............

Right, now I am off to go and figure out what I am doing over the next couple of days and maybe get another jumper on, its gone cold all of a sudden!
Take care all
Sarah x

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  1. What a perfect way to make use of the beautiful weather! George looks like he had a blast! ~Val


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