Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Hang out the bunting

Haven't really got anything to say today, well, that isn't strictly true!  I have lots to say, just can't remember what it was I was planning on saying!
I've had a good tidy and sort out in the workshop.  I can see the table again!  Although I have now filled it back up with piles of fabric ready to make into 'stuff'

I can't decide which way to to with the decoration in the house.  It's the Queen's birthday tomorrow so I'll be needing to hang out the flags

Then it is Easter so out come the eggs and all things springlike and pretty

Then the wedding, so back to the flags and buntings!
Going to be busy!
First things first though, I can't actually see my dining room table for pots of paint and signs being stencilled so maybe I need to take a little step back and start small!!  Back to the tidying up I guess!
Take care all, hope you are having the same wonderful sunshine we are, makes such a difference to everything doesn't it.
Sarah x

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  1. I say put ALL the decorations up and ALL the signs, then you'll be able to see your table again.


    Sue xx


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