Friday, 15 April 2011

Little rant

I am starting to get quite cross with buying fabrics only to find when I go to use them that they have dirty marks on them that have not got anything to do with me.  Fabric is not cheap and if it is marked then I clearly cannot use it in products I sell either.  Note to oneself - check check and double check as fabric is being cut in the shop because it is too late once you are at home and have cut it up yourself too.

Rant over
Thank you


  1. Crikey..I can understand if it is vintage fabric , which does occasionally have a minor blemish...but when it is new from a bolt in a shop, then that's different. As you say,so annoying when you find marks after you've cut it.
    Anyway...have a good weekend!! ;-) x

  2. Your welcome. Very good little rant (and very necessary).

    It's the weekend a nice glass of something cold will make the world seem a rosier place......hic!!

    Sue xx

  3. That would anger me too! You expect the fabric to be pristine when you purchase it! Ugh! ~Val


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