Thursday, 21 April 2011

Making Home

I am very lucky because my workshop is built underneath this tree.  I have just watched a blue tit organising some soft furnishings for the birdhouse, looked like he had raided my bag of wadding!
My worry is that the birdhouse is very very rickety and only hanging onto the tree by, well hardly hanging onto the tree at all really!  Now I can't go up the ladder and do anything about it because I would disturb them, I just hope that they don't put too much in or have too many heavy chicks!
Don't know too much about blue tits but I thought we were supposed to clean out the nest boxes each year, we havn't done so, yet for the past 2 years and now this one we have had a family of blue tits nesting so I figure to leave well alone.  Although once the little ones have flown this year I think there will be some necessary maintenance to be carried out on this little home.

Missy was thoroughly enjoying the sunshine yesterday, she does the same as the chickens - sits in full sun and cooks then moves into the shade for a half hour before going back out for another baking session.

George came out for a break from building work, he has been 'helping' plumb in the new downstairs loo and sink!

Just a few more minutes in the sun............
Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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  1. I do love seeing the animals basking in the sun, I'm finding it too hot and after rushing around doing the chores I retreat to the relative cool of the house.

    Have a lovely Easter.

    Sue xx


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