Thursday, 31 March 2011

Quilts I can only dream of!

Back in the land of Blogging?
I hope so!  It has been too long since I last wrote, time to get back into a routine (routine? me? that'll be a first!) and get onto the computer on a daily basis to keep in touch with the outside world.  I have been hiding away quite a lot this year but at the same time being very very busy.  Just trying to find a happy medium right now - getting there!!

I visited the Chilford Quilt show a few weeks ago and took these pictures of my favourite quilts on display.
This was probably top of the favourite list.  The fabrics had been hand dyed and painted to add even more vibrancy and depth of colur to the overall quilt.  The picture really doesn't do it justice but I had to snap it quick before more people stepped in for a closer look.

Up close this quilt had little woodland creatures secreted in the greenery around the edges, so lovely. 

And more beautiful pictures in quilts using such lovely colours.
This is the type of work I can only aspire to!  My quilts (those which I have actually finished, well the one that I have finished!!) my quilts are very rustic and user friendly!!

Well I was planning on adding some more pictures but it seems that is not possible so will have to do it tomorrow.  For today, I am heading back to the workshop to make up some more boards to be turned into signs then painting more blocks and will hope to be able to show you the pictures tomorrow!

Take care all, til tomorrow
Sarah x

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  1. I love the middle one. Nice to have you back.

    Sue xx


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