Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Working Dog Tails

My name is George and this is my working dog story from this weekend.
On Saturday morning I got up very very early and went out with Mum for my walk.  All the boxes for market were in the hall ready for loading into the car so when we got back I went and sat down to watch Mum put them in the car like a big jigsaw puzzle.  Funny how the 2 legged ones hold onto their heads when they are thinking, Mum seemed to be doing a lot of head holding but it was because she was making sure all the stock fitted in whilst leaving enough space for me to sit too.
On the way there I took the opportunity to go back to sleep for a while because I never know where I might end up when I go out in the car and I might need lots of energy for running on beaches and things.  Didn't need running energy this time, I had my bed all laid out and I watch Mum unpack the jigsaw puzzle and set up her stall.

My lead was tied onto the middle gazebo leg so I could go and see 3 different stallholders whenever I wanted to.  I went and got cuddles with Jean and she even found some dog biscuits in her pocket!

I did sit behind our own stall sometimes, when I wasn't busy socialising with everyone else.

We had some nice red white and blue stuff on the stall this week

and some new cushions too. 

I had a lovely time catching up with everyone, it has been quite a while since I went to market.  At the end of the day I hopped back in the car and watched Mum re-do the jigsaw puzzle ready for us to go home, fortunately it was much easier to pack up as we had sold stuff to people. 
I wasn't needed for market on Sunday which was good because I did not want to get up at all!
Right now I am off to watch Dad cut up the wood for kindling.
Love from George xx

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  1. You do lead a busy life George, I've not been to market for ages, my job now is to guard the chickens. But they are quite boring to watch so every now and then I charge at the fence, it makes them squawk and run away....haha...that livens things up.

    You're still my poster boy!!

    Sophie xx


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