Sunday, 1 November 2009

Walking on the beach

The wind is howling and the rain is fairly lashing down against the windows and I am not entirely surprised that this mornings market was cancelled, even if I did frustratingly drive all the way over there before I found out! Hey ho, I have at least made best use of my time and watched last nights episode of Strictly! I can't help it, they have sparkles and twinkly things on and I do love a bit of sparkle! Fancy having a go at the dancing too but just know what a mess that would be considering I can't differentiate between my left and my right.

So I just had a little look at the pictures from last weekend when we ran to the beach for probably the last time this year. Rather pleased that it was last weekend than this as I don't think we would have spent so much time on the beach today!

There was this little worn wooden jetty which I have never noticed before in all the times I have walked up this beach.

The patterns of the wood were fantastic and I love the way the pebbles have become wedged in the crevaces.

Somebody had to pose! Amazingly without his ball which is usually close to hand, or should I say paw.

This is one very very sandy doggy!
I'm looking forward to getting back to the beach soon, but have a little light sewing to do first!
Take care all
Sarah x


  1. Love your beach photos! It was a noisy night here with the wind blowing a gale.All seems calm now..hope it continues!

  2. Beautiful pictures (and a lovely model too!).

    Sue xx


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