Friday, 30 October 2009

Black clouds and travelling sheds

Once again it has been a while since I put fingers to keyboard and caught up on my blogging. Things have been a bit gloomy in my little world the past few weeks and I have been existing within my own little black cloud. Not wishing to bring anyone else down, my usual tactics when feelings like this take over is to retreat and do my best to shut the rest of the world away. Thing is, when I feel so crappy (unable to think of a better description!) I just don't find it possible to find anything even remotely upbeat or interesting about any day, even though I know that is an untruth.

As it is, I think this particular black cloud has now evaporated and we can get back to 'normal'. Well at least something which constitutes normal in my world! Which would be moving sheds, of course!!
This is our red shed, in it's original position when we bought our house, alongside the lovely old brown shed which amazingly managed to move also without falling apart!
Then here both sheds stayed for some time, behind the gum tree whilst the workshop was being built.
The brown shed did eventually have to be taken down as it was in danger of falling down due to much rotten wood in the important bits that keep a shed upright!
The red shed has just begun it's journey here as it is making it's way over the top of the redwood, dogwood bush/plant which I don't actually know what it is called but it grows really well every year and we like it!
Once over the only bit of garden that has actually been gardened it is now making the turn in the middle of the lawn.

George just keeping an eye on the proceedings.

Now it is facing the right way, just got to back up to the fence.

Narrowly scraping past my apple tree, not sure if I shall have apples there next year either now!
And finally, it may be dark but the shed is now in it's new home. Just got to get the underneath a little more stable so we can actually go in the shed without falling through the floor and then it will be out with the paint for a spruce up!
The reason for the shed moving? Hopefully there will be another workshop appearing in the space it has now left so I can move out of the spare room and have my own space where I can 'go' to work!
So I hope to be back again soon, it's Hitchin market tomorrow although rain is forecast, we shall have to see how that goes as my stock doesn't like the wet!
Take care all


  1. Hello there
    Bllck clouds and black dogs that sit on your shoulder are a bugger to get rid of - lets hope yours has gone walkabout for a long time eh?
    Love the shed move - lucky you to catch it on camera. How long till the new building will be up?
    Take care

  2. Just read your post and understand how you feel....I think its something that hits us women at different stages, no matter what age. Theres at time no rhyme nor reason, it just happens, I blame it on the hormones you know....hope you feel loads better soon...your new workshop will certainly be nice...I;m trying to make a space in my spare room to get back into sewing once again.

  3. Wow....brave you, moving a shed and getting it to it's final destination in one piece. I don't think ours would survive that, one big sneeze and it might just fall down!

    Hope you're feeling brighter now, I know exactly what you mean, I tend not to do any posts when I'm feeling down in case I drag everyone down with me!!

    Sue xx

  4. Shhh......I'll let you into a little secret....the first four commenters on my new Blog Shop will get a little something too, just for being very special people.

    Thank you for being the first, watch the post next weekend!!

    Sue xx


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