Friday, 6 November 2009

New fab blog

Just taking a little break from the lavender parcels I'm sewing. Probably not the best idea to start the day with lavender as I am now feeling very relaxed and could probably do with a nap!

The view at my sewing machine, note the ever present cuppa in the background! Hubby is just in the process of refilling as I type, good man!
Had a little play with some candles this week as I have been holding onto these with this in mind for ages now.

I like the way they look, just with very very simple but hopefully nice looking packaging, rustic like. Thing is I now have the task of decicing on the pricing of them, always the hardest thing for me, if I get myself sorted then i can take them to Standalone Farm this weekend to see how they go on the stall.

My big news today is about a new blog which some of you may be interested in. BSNC is a group of local business folk who got together to offer moral support and help to eachother, plus a large dose of laughter and a platform to get those whinges off your chest! We meet regularly over a lovely lunch and a pint and generally put the business world to rights. There is no hard sell but we have all benefited from each other's suggestions, recommendations and advice.

A little while ago we thought about getting a blog/website together so we can extend our 'expertise' to more people who may not be in the local area. This is the result! Adam of Adam Bradford Ltd has put this together and already we have a recipe from Paul at Clockhouse Catering. I highly recommend Paul's food and am sending Hubby out to get the ingredients for this recipe after he has made the tea!

Right I think I might have done enough promotion for now, back to the sewing I go.

Take care all

Sarah xx

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  1. Haha...great minds think alike...guess what I have just been doing with candles and brown paper and raffia?

    Love your lavender parcels, I've just been doing some cinnamon and clove mug mats....we're buzy little beavers aren't we!!

    Have a brilliant time at Standalone farm this weekend.

    Sue xx


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