Monday, 9 November 2009

In a barn on the farm.....

Monday again, already! I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was spent down at Standalone Farm in the barn.

This was our home for the weekend. There's not many events I go to where my provided 'chair' is a hay bale! It is, however, a great little area to be in. There are usually about 10-12 different traders in the barn and as we are quite close together, you do get to know eachother!

Not a brilliant picture due to the sunlight shining through the barn wall but the warmth from the sun was very very welcome so it stays!!
My neighbours were a brand new business called Love'em who produce funky, retro childrens clothing using their own designs.
They also have a great range of accessories for grown ups too!

I love this Wizard of Oz lunch box! My apologies to Gil and Vicky as I have totally missed photographing the clothing range. You'll have to have a look online at their website instead!

Talking of lunch and as I am well known for seemingly eating my way through every market I do, I thought I had better snap a pic of my most delicious brunch of a Standalone Farm reared hot dog! I did actually pack myself up some sarnies on Saturday but got cold so had a hot dog and took the sarnies back for Sunday lunch. Of course come Sunday, I was feeling peckish and cheese spread sarnies just weren't going to hit the spot, so back I go for my Sunday hot dog! So guess what I shall be having for my lunch today - cheese spread sarnies!

These were my other neighbours! In this pen the boys, and in the next one, the girls! They were all very friendly and came up to the railing for fuss from the passers by.

Got to go and do some stuff now, take care all, til tomorrow

Sarah xx

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